This month, Sutekh shows us his creative side.  Words of wit, wisdom, and woe are in store!


Sutekh Presents...Poetry Corner!

Let's start off with some classic, tasty free verse...

You are a sniveling insect.
Fall to the ground.
Eyes to the surface.
No dreams above, only existence below.
Abase yourself.
You must obey.
Did you find my contact yet?

Belligerent Typhoon
It's a bunch of crap.
Look up.
No, not at the breathtaking heavens,
At the title.
That's as good as it gets.
As good as anything gets.
Angry wind more interesting than verse.
I don't even know what that means.

Be the happiness I do not feel.
Feel that which I cannot move.
Move the emotion my powers are unable.
Be the pain my mind places in you.
You, the vessel of my darkness.
Darkness covers you now.
Now, will you get my coffee, already?

My Thoughts On Rats
Come on, now.
Rats are just trying to survive.
Strong, smart, resilient.
Respect their power.
Breeding into mighty numbers.
Sometimes I hold one close.
Furry, warm.  So cute.
Are you a cute little Mr. Rat?
Yes you are!
Yes you are!
So adorable, um, er....
Say what now?

Welcome to Historic Haiku Heaven...

The Ballad of Sutekh T. Destroyer

When brother Horus
Trapped me in a pyramid,
Crap, I could not move.

I could use my mind,
To torture the poor roaches,
But not crush with feet.

Then, an explorer
Found me and became my slave.
Sent him home to kill.

I controlled him well,
And he followed my strong will.
I would soon be free!

Alas!  Trouble came.
A Time Lord called "The Doctor"
Began to undo.

He bested my slave.
He discovered my grand scheme.
Blew up my rocket.

It would have freed me,
So I contained the bomb blast.
My missile must fire!

The Doctor was smart.
He came back to distract me,
Into my prison.

The rocket blew up.
For I could not concentrate.
Shit!  Pesky Time Lord!

I was super-pissed.
So I made him my plaything.
Feel my wrath, lil' bitch!

He spoke through the pain.
Trying to change my mindset.
To make me see Good.

I scoffed at his talk.
Saw how to take his time-ship.
Do the missile's job.

So we went to Mars.
To break the Eye of Horus,
And grant me FREEDOM!

My mummy broke it.
Crushed the glass Eye in it's hands.
My bonds, weakening.

But he was not done.
That Doctor had one more plan.
He could control Time.

He built a tunnel.
To fling me to the future...
...too far to survive.

I did not give up.
I found a way to break free,
And exit his trap.

I ended up here,
Sharing knowledge on the Web,
Spouting truisms.

I wish poetry
Could explain my dilemma.
Man, does it suck here.

Limerick Largess...

Some people think they know God.
As if Lord will give them the nod.
They scamper around,
With their eyes to the ground,
But really, just check out my bod!  (It's AWESOME! *flex*)

Ruminating the Vermin(ating)
OK, so what if I like rats?
It's not like I kill little brats...
Oh, wait, that's not true,
I eat kids like they're you.
And wait till I clean out the frats!

Man, how I still hate that Time Lord!
I loathe him when even I'm bored.
He screwed me but good,
Like haiku that he would,
...Shoulda just severed his spinal cord.

Many things are not as they seem.
You might even think that you know me.
Maybe I can be kind?
Inside, mercy you'll find?
Come again?  I can't hear through your screams...

Get Across the Street, Bitch!
So you think that you'll just take your time?
Walk as slow as you can...on MY dime?
Get your ass 'cross the road,
You turtle-like toad!
Watching your head implode's almost sublime.

Whites vs. Blacks
The question is never that simple.
So please, un-concave your cute dimples.
To separate or not,
Is the question to spot.
This laundry is giving me pimples!

True Love
I do so enjoy that True Love.
The kind granted far from above.
I can feel it in my heart,
To rip that love apart.
It makes me feel giddy, sort of.

The Ultimate Limerick
Most people think it's quite thick,
To write a limerick about the limerick.
"It's too hard to rhyme!"
Say these folks all the time.
But the last syllable does the trick.

Farewell Sweet Reader
Lay your weary head to rest.
And dream sweet dreams that love suggests.
What Would Sutekh Do?
Why, he'd pluck the guts out of you.
I hear nightmares are often the best.

The End