• WWSD provides top-notch content of humorous and evil nature.  No other site can offer its pithy mix of stuff to make you laugh and feel uncomfortable at the same time!
  • Are you tired of cutting-edge web sites that remember your name and provide super-cool dynamic capabilities?  Yeah, us too!  Don't worry.  WWSD will never shove ease-of-use or fun multimedia content down your throat!
  • NEW and IMPROVED "Sutekh Cam"!  Wait.  Not new.  It's the same as ever.  Wait.  We never had one.  So, I guess it can't very well be improved, either...
  • NON-EXISTENT and NEVER-GONNA-HAPPEN "Sutekh Cam"!  Buckle up, campers!
  • Don't forget that Sutekh can see everything you do.  If this makes you feel warm and secure, then you are an idiot.  It should make you feel like your large intestine is twisted and trying to squirm up out your mouth.
  • Visualize world peace.  Now read our site and put that ridiculous notion out of your puny, human brain.  Kneel.

Meet the WWSD Staff!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to WWSD!  I'd like to say I am in charge around here, but you and I both know that isn't true.  So, think of me as a stenographer.  Someone just keeping track of Sutekh and writing down what I see.  That's not as easy as you might think because Sutekh is, well, evil.

Me again.

Hey gang.  My name is Dave.  I help out Joe once in a while and...  Crap, I can't lie anymore.  It's me, Joe, again.  Sutekh took away Dave's picture and replaced it with a reverse pic of me.  Also, he took away Dave and replaced him with Folgers Crystals.  I better go find him.  Like I said...evil.



I'm not really a cat, but I play one on the web.  OK, I am a cat.  Few people know Sutekh like I do.  Did you know he prefers having his raiment dry-cleaned instead of laundered?  And no starch!  I happen to very much enjoy Folgers Crystals, so Sutekh is all aces in my book! Incredibly, indelibly, inedibly evil aces.



Dave gets to be Folgers Crystals, but I get turned into Phyllis Diller.  Come on, Sute!  Enough!  No matter.  Sutekh thinks he's the evil one...wait'll they get a load of me!  I'm gonna take this mother over!  Wait -- ouch!  Gah!




The staff of WWSD killed, destroyed, maimed, and consumed as many animals as inhumanly possible in creating this site.

All characters and events depicted herein are absolutely true.  Joe will be posting names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses as soon as he gets around to it.

WWSD is extremely dedicated to making sure site content displays properly on ALL browsers and ALL computer platforms.  If you experience trouble with ANY configuration, send in-depth details to sutekhdoesnotcare@sutekhisevil.net.  Seriously, Sutekh does not, in any way, give a shit.

Duplication and reproduction of this site is expressly encouraged.  But if you do disseminate any lifted content, for God's sake spruce it up a little.  This has to be one of the lamest sites ever conceived, built, and deployed.

By reading this End User License Agreement (EULA) you have already agreed to worship Sutekh and forever wonder What He Would Do.  Oh, and don't read the next...word.  Gotcha!  Now you owe me twenty bucks.  Be sure to disregard the upcoming number too: 25.  Loser.  Now you owe me THAT much.

WWSD is best viewed using 320x240 resolution, rendering all graphics as a jumble of giant letters.  Hey, I see my name in there!  Shut up.  Your existence is a lie.

The stunts depicted here are EXTREMELY dangerous and should only be attempted by very small children or clumsy mothers holding very small children.

Content herein is intended for viewing.  Not.

Some pages on this site contain EXPLICIT content of sexual, religious, historical, psychic, and geographic nature.  See if you can find the capital of North Dakota!

The views expressed on this site match EXACTLY those of the WWSD staff.  Where else did you think the ideas came from, fool?  Now kneel.

WWSD believes in the privacy of those who visit the site.  To keep your private details safe, please send all pertinent names, addresses, and credit card numbers to WWSD using the e-mail link to the left.  We have a really big safe where we keep all of that stuff secured from hackers.

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