When I took this site over and made Sutekh cry like a little girl (yes, he sure did!  I swear to GOD!), my third thought was, "What shall I feature?"  My first thought was, "I need a nap."  And my second thought was, "Peach pie sounds powerful good right now!"  So, after catching forty winks and slamming down some Hostess pastry, I got back to basics and started thinking up a topic.

What defines me?  What is the essence that is Heather?  Are there ways in which I can plaster my picture into more areas of this web site?  As I sat pondering, I realized that my thoughts and knowledge themselves were my greatest features!  Sharing that powerful experience and massive mental capacity would be my gift to my readers.

I approached Joe and asked him how we could dole out my mind in manageable pieces.  Too much too fast, and some readers might experience confusion or seizures.  Or worse, they might actually disagree with me and make me mad.  We needed a way to distribute bite-sized chunks of tasty sentience.  Like snack-size candy bars!

Joe said he could whip up some sort of program in Python.  I said I didn't know what snakes had to do with anything, and Joe started laughing at me.  Then I punched him in the throat and he stopped laughing.  Less giggle, more work, bitch.  Don't gasp at me, I can see your hands still work.  Get typing!

masterful leadership helped Joe get the job done right and on time.  Plus, because this feature is so important to me, I had him put a link on our main menu over there <----- to the left, the link that says "Heather's Wisdom".  Click over there or down below and bask in my glorious wisdom!

The End